The Tea on Earth and Tea Co.

   Finding Bliss in the Sip   

After the loss of her beloved father, owner and operator, Jarius Edens, took to the world to find solace, happiness, and a little bit of bliss. She found all three of those elements in meditative yoga, delicious food, and in the sips of tea she would make each day as a nod to her daddy, Eddie Jay. 

Even when she was working as a professional copywriter, a cup of tea (okay...or coffee) was her mainstay. She became a tea lover and influencer after she began sharing her cups of tea each day on social media. 

Now, she chooses to help her tribe by sharing intuitive blends with hundreds of women via Facebook and Instagram. She hosts a village called Intuition and Tea for women looking to find their way by listening to their "in-tea-uition". When Jarius is not hanging with her kiddos, she sipping her tea while reading books and talking about each chapter on her new podcast, Strictly by the Book. She uses tea as the bridge between her and other women on their journey to healing, whether from deep grief or simple life changes. 

Earth and Tea is the newest collection of warm ideas from Jarius. This newest venture was created to bring warmth, love, and bliss to every single customer through delicious blends of herbal and classic teas. 

In addition to earthy, vibrant tea blends, Earth and Tea encourages every woman to lounge a little more each day. Lounge Wear from some of the best independent labels find themselves on the pages and shelves of Earth and Tea. 

Earth and Tea is a minority and woman-owned local business in Charlotte, NC.