Questions That Need Answers

Are the Earth and Tea Co. teas caffeinated?

Many of the blends sold at Earth and Tea are herbal blends (which mean they do not have caffeine). If there is a non-herbal blend in the mix, we will be sure to include a label to help you identify the non-herbal teas that contain caffeine.

Are the teas sold at Earth and Tea Co. proprietary?

Some of the blends from Earth and Tea Co. are special. Others are curated from other companies we love. All of the Earth and Tea Co. blends are curated from tea suppliers and sommeliers in the Carolinas (North and South Carolina). Curated blends are carefully chosen to bring you the best tea selections from around the world.

Will I like the Earth and Tea Co. flavors?

We love them. We hope you love them as much as we do. Each flavor is curated to give you comfort in a cup. We attempt to match tea flavors to our favorite food memories as much as we can.

Can I get a refund if I don't like a tea blend?

Since you have to taste the tea to determine if you like it or not, we can't do refunds. However, we attempt to keep our prices reasonable and our tea sizes compact enough to avoid the "guilt" of buying too much of a tea you don't enjoy. If you'd like to exchange your tea for another flavor, simply send us an email.