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Slowly Sip Your Tea: Why Morning Rituals Are Important

Morning rituals are catching fire in the world as we continue to manage living, working, and staying at home more often than we ever have before.

Now, let's start here by saying a morning ritual is not a morning routine.

A morning routine is the habitual act of waking up and completing the same task each day with a strict and oftentimes confining time schedule. This may look like setting your alarm at 6:47am, getting out of bed at 6:49am, making your bed at 6:52am, and hitting the treadmill at precisely 7am. This is considered a morning routine, and there's nothing wrong with that.

However, there is something to be said about having a morning ritual.

A morning ritual is the act of listening to your body and asking yourself what do you need to make the day a great one.

For a morning ritual to work, you listen to your body. For example, you keep your 6:47am alarm, but you stretch in bed for 7 minutes because your body needs the physical stretch session. Then, you get out of bed, slowly make your bed while speaking your gratitude. You head to the treadmill, but your body says "tea first". You listen to your body, and steep your favorite Earth & Tea Co. selection (Go choose your fave now). You slowly sip your tea, take a few deep breaths, finish your cup, and THEN you head to the treadmill.

Morning Rituals are important because:

  1. They get you connected to your body before your brain takes over.

  2. They help you remain aware and present.

  3. They keep you from becoming complacent and stagnant.

  4. They focus on what feels good to you rather than what tasks need to be completed.

  5. They give you a reason to sip more tea and enjoy life.

What's your morning ritual?

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