Sippin' on Great Friendships!

3 Tea Lessons About Being a Great Friend

We can learn a lot from tea. Yes, the best lessons come when we're doing something as simple as drinking a cup of our favorite chai or matcha. The lessons this week are about friendships. We become the greatest friends to ourselves and to others when we treat relationships and connections like we treat our love for tea.

1. Have a variety of flavors in your tea cupboard.

Each of our friends should bring something unique and exciting to our lives. Their flavor should be what we long to experience each time we are with them. Could you imagine if you had to drink the same flavor of tea each day? That would be rather boring and mundane. Friendships are the same. Enjoy all the flavors and embrace all the friends.

2. Steep them with care.

Each one of your friendships will take a different amount of time to perfect. Be okay with cultivating your friendships like you steep your tea---slow and steady. To get the boldest, sweetest, and best flavor out of our friendships, we should steep them with care. Take our time with each one.

3. Sweeten them if we need to.

What's wrong with having to add a little pizzazz to your tea and your friendships? Great friends don't mind adding honey to a growing friendship. This may mean you send out sweet text messages to your friends or you buy and mail a cute card to your newest buddy. This is how we sweeten our friendships and be a great friend to others. Loving our friends is a direct reflection of how we love ourselves, for the most part. Friendships and tea go hand in hand.

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